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Run your epic railway empire

Set up a network of railway lines, set a course for your trains, and earn while you compete with friends to build the largest railway empire in the metaverse

The first 3D NFT train play-to-earn game

MetaRails is the first play-to-earn train game to hit the tracks in the metaverse. Collect highly detailed 3D trains, custom-paint them, and custom-build a transport system with buildings and railroads for your trains. MetaRails has an idle gameplay and an easy-to-use builder tool for a relaxing and rewarding gaming experience. Available on PC and VR/AR.


The MetaRails World

The complex MetaRails tabletop world is built to give players a relaxing yet immersive gaming experience. Players can collect dozens of unique high quality locomites to play-to-earn. MetaRails’ focus is on creating hyper realistic 3D train NFTs as portable metaverse assets to appeal to both players and collectors. In the game, players will collect a variety of trains, build railroads, construct buildings, and create efficient resource transport systems on a tabletop diorama.

Conduct your trains & build your rail system

Set up a network of railway lines, set a course for your trains, and earn while you compete with friends to build the largest railway empire in the metaverse

Getting Started

On starting the game, players are gifted a modest piece of real estate where they can begin building and expanding their diorama. Players can then acquire trains as NFTs on mint or from the MetaRails marketplace to run their train tracks and gather resources to further develop their diorama. You can quickly get started following the 3 simple steps below


MetaRails provides players with the opportunity to begin playing for free! Each new player is given a modest piece of real estate where they will build their diorama


NFT trains can be minted on sale, manufactured by supplying a blueprint to your in-game factory, bought from the marketplace, or borrowed from other players through a lending station.


Once you have your table and trains, begin buidling your diaroma, acquire resrouces, and grow your transport system. Build more trains as NFTs to grow your collection and earn $MRF as you play.

Genesis Trains

The first trains will be sold to early community members through a fair lottery and whitelisting process. Genesis trains will be the first assets that can earn both $MRF and other in-game resources within the world of MetaRails. All trains in this original collection will be 1/1 NFTs and will have high Efficiency, Cargo Space, and Speed statistics.

black trainwhite train

Highly detailed train NFTs with realistic animations

MetaRails’ NFT trains are highly detailed with rich textures and realistic animations for your ultimate pleasure. Individual train parts are modelled from scratch, assembled, textured, and animated to produce ultra high quality NFT trains for both collectors and players. These NFT train models will be available in both 3D format (glb) and 2D formats (jpeg, gif, video). All 3D models will be optimized for use in our gaming ecosystem but also in third-party VR / AR applications, mobile devices, and all major metaverse platfrom including Sandbox, Decentraland, Bloktopia, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, Shoyu, and more.

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Intricate Design

Intricate Design

Every single part has been well thought of and designed to fit seemlessly with an acute attention to detail.

3D Modelled

3D Modelled

Each train is modelled and refined by our in-house 3D artists from scratch according to our original blueprints

Fully Animated

Fully Animated

Each train is fully animated by our team of experts to bring an extra level of realism and immersion to the gameplay.


Genesis Train holders will be entitled to create the first Factories. After the initial Factories have been minted, all players can use $MRF to pay for a Factory. Factories will take in a blueprint from an existing train and use it as a seed from which they will generate new trains

black trainwhite trainwhite train


Blueprints are a key item that will modulate the supply of trains in MetaRails. Each train can mint a limited number of blueprints. These blueprints will have corresponding rarities/tiers as the trains that they originate from. Blueprints are supplied to Factories as a seed from which the process of manufacturing a train begins and lasts over a period of time.

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MetaRails Tokens

Three main tokens will be featured in the MetaRail game ecosystem, each handling a unique set of utility essentail to the overall gaming experience.

$MRAIL is the official Metarails token. It is an ERC20 governance token for MetaRails which allows holders to stake, vote, and make proposals in the RailsDAO.

To reward players and to modulate the inflation of the ecosystem, the $MRF is an ERC20 token which acts as the primary in-game reward token to be minted from in-game resources.

The NFT trains are ERC-721 tokens which are unique asset with collector value. Additionally, they serve as in-game assets for playing the game, acquiring in game resources, and generating income.

MetaRails Table

On starting the game players are gifted a modest piece of real estate called table. This "table " is where you will build your diorama, train tracks, buildings, terrain features, and more. Playing the game is the best way to obtain more pieces for your table. Players will initially have a handful of trains running their routes, but with time they will create large interconnected webs of locomotives, railways, and stations - with each addition further optimizing the resource gathering process.


Train Rarity

Collect trains of varying rarity and style. There are 5 levels of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. A train’s rarity is determined by its attributes which also affect in-game resource gathering and performance. The chance of minting a train of each rarity level is depicted in the adjacent chart.

1 %


3 %


16 %


34 %


46 %



The roadmap details our plans for executing MetaRails from the initial stages of development to a full blown play-to-earn experience for our amazing community and players.

2022 Q1-Q2 . Marketing & Fundraising

The epic vision of MetaRails will begin with astute marketing and community building efforts, followed by series of funding rounds, and finally listing our token on public DEX and CEX. We will also make staking available in this phase.


2022 Q2 . First NFT Sales

Our 3D Train NFTs will be introduced into the Metaverse. These trains which will serve as in-game assets will be available for minting to our community and the public. We will introduce an NFT viewer which will allow collectors and players to enjoy the stunning details of their trains

2022 Q1-Q3 . Game Development

Game development has commenced and shall become available for testing in alpha and closed beta version during Q2 and Q3. Our development team will spend countless hours building and refining advanced game features and mechanics to complete the rewarding gaming experience we envisioned from the start


2022 Q4 . Full game Launch

Once an initial version of the game is complete, Metarails will undergo alpha and beta testing to straighten out any kinks before the official game launch is announced. On launch players will be gifted a modest piece of real estate on top of which they will build and play to earn.

2023 Q1. Partnership Expansion

Expanding partnership network, digitalization of museum trains, virtual showroom, animating historic trains, custom train experiences such as rides


Future of MetaRails -
Evolution to Meta Transport

We will continue to innovate and refine Metarails to grow our player-base and community in the direction determined by the Metarails DAO. We will introduce new in-game assets and features to expand the gameplay, and keep things fresh and exciting

Metaverse Integration

MetaRails is hyper-focused on ensuring full compatibility with existing and future metaverse projects. All trains and tables will be fully portable 3D assets that can be taken to other metaverses and galleries like the Sandbox, Decentraland, Bloktopia, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels, Shoyu, and more. MetaRails will also create an AR train viewer and, later on, an in-game VR showroom to allow players to view their assets in all their glorious detail.

white trainwhite trainwhite trainwhite trainwhite trainwhite train

Developed by Metrix Labs

The project is delivered by Metrix Labs as a joint effort of all its team members, working in close cooperation with professionals in digital art, 3D modeling, game design, and blockchain game development.

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